The Dolby MT provides two channels of noise reduction switchable between Dolby SR (Spectral Recording) and Dolby A-type. The economical 1-U high unit is intended for all kinds of audio facilities: music recording, video post production, broadcast, multimedia, and film.











 The Dolby XPSR Series for multitrack recorders contains up to 24 channels of Dolby SR signal processing, in only 12 1/4" of rack space, including power supply. Dolby Spectral Recording is a process that yields recordings of exceptional clarity and dynamic range. Dolby SR audibly eliminates tape hiss, crosstalk, print-through, drastically reduces tape modulation noise and distortion, while giving substantial improvements in headroom and high level transient performance--and all with a minimum of signal processing. Dolby SR offers excellent sound quality and convenient tape interchange, at a substantially lower cost than the digital alternatives.