Pro Tools 6.9

 Pro Tools Mix+ systems are the industry’s leading digital audio workstations, combining incredible power and performance with ease of use. Pro Tools Mix+ is a true 24-bit, integrated digital recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering system. It incorporates the world’s most advanced audio editing and mixing interface and is cross-platform for Macintosh and Windows NT operating








MFX3 Plus

 MFX3plus is Fairlight's next generation digital audio workstation offering the ultimate in speed and ease for recording and
editing audio. Integrated with all the software required to manage production work flow, sound library and storage resources,
MFX3plus is designed with the future in mind. Equipped with PCI bus capability, MFX3plus supports current and future hardware
technology for data storage, communications, networking and connectivity. MFX3plus is the foundation for Fairlight's future digital
audio development, delivering a solution for today with equity in tomorrow.







bulletRADAR II is the latest in 24 bit Digital Multitrack technology.
bullet40+ minutes of 24-track Record/Replay from a Single 9G Drive
bulletEnhanced RE-8 II Controller with 48-track Arming
bulletRADARView System Software
bulletThe benchmark of sonic excellence in hard disk recording