PCM 3348 HR


bullet 24-bit High Resolution Recording 
bulletFully Compatible with 16-bit DASH Machines  - PCM 3348/3324
bulletBuilt-in 20-bit A/D, D/A Converters
bulletVersatile Digital Audio Inputs/Outputs
bulletMADI Inputs/Outputs
bullet8 channel AES Inputs/Outputs
bulletSony 9-pin Serial Remote Interface 
bullet Remote Control Unit   -  RM-3348HR





PCM 3348

bullet 1/2-inch DASH recorder with 48 digital audio tracks, 2 cue tracks and one track each for CTL and time code signals
bulletCompatible with PCM-3324S/3324A/3324 in recording and playback of - digital audio tracks 1 through 24.
bullet2 times oversampling digital filtering for both A/D and D/A converters
bulletWide interfacing-balanced analog multi l/O and three types of digital l/O (AES/EBU SDIF-2 balanced/unbalanced)
bulletComprehensive microprocessor controlled servo system, unique design and excellent mechanics for fast and stable transport
bulletBuilt-in time code generator/reader capable of handling SMPTE drop frame/non-drop frame, EBU and film time codes
bullet48kHz, 44.1kHz or 44.056kHz sampling frequency selectable
bulletAdvanced digital/analog output function enables pre-delay adjustment in 1-sample steps to compensate for signal processing delay in external equipment
bulletApprox 20 seconds of digital audio data can be stored in sound memory and re-recorded back onto tape at any position
bulletReal-time digital ping pong.




 Designed with a 4- head rotary system , the PCM-7030 recorder provides two recording modes, RAW (Read-After-Write) and RMW (Read-Modify-Write). In RAW mode, real-time off tape monitoring is provided. In the RMW mode, the PCM-7040 allows enhanced punch in and punch out operation with crossfading at the punch in and out points.









bullet18-bit 64x oversampling ADC
bullet20-bit 8x oversampling DAC 24-bit internal processing.
bulletInstantaneous access to 109 autolocate points.
bulletLink up to 8 DR8s for 64 tracks.
bullet"Take" function for easy recording and auditioning of alternate takes.
bulletStandard SCSI interface allows access to external drives including M/O and JAZ removable mediadrives.









bullet The audio quality actually improves on the ADAT's high standard,
bulletRecords 8 tracks of audio with 18 bit 128 times oversampling A/D converters and 20 bit 8 times oversampling D/As.
bulletUp to 16 ADAT recorders can be linked together for 128 tracks with no external synchronizer required and without sacrificing a track to timecode.
bulletThe ADAT-XT offers an improved transport which operates up to 4 times faster than the original ADAT, with new Dynamic Braking control for more accurate locates and faster lock times.
bulletAn onboard digital editor allows you to make flawless copy-paste digital edits between tracks on a single unit, or between multiple machines.
bulletFeatures Tape Offset, Track Copy, Track Delay, and ten autolocate buttons for sophisticated flexibility and control over your productions.
bulletBoth +4 dBu balanced and -10 dBV unbalanced connections and the ADAT Optical Digital Interface™ are provided for flexible hookup in your studio, and a comprehensive Vacuum Fluorescent Display provides all the critical information.
bulletA rugged six pound die-cast aluminum chassis offers strength and stability while lessening torque stress on the transport mechanism.
bulletWith its fast, software-controlled transport, onboard digital editor, 10-point autolocator and 100% compatibility with over 70,000 ADATs worldwide, the ADAT-XT builds upon the ADAT format as the most world's popular professional multitrack recorder.





 The Alesis BRC Master Remote Control adds a set of powerful creative andoperational tools to your ADAT or ADAT-XT digital recording system. Itprovides SMPTE, MIDI and Video synchronization, digital editing, and afull-function multi-machine autolocator with an onboard memory. The BRC isthe only device that allows you to control up to 128 ADAT tracks from one location, either table top mounted, in a studio rack, or on an optionalroll-around stand. Another BRC function that can't be found anywhere else isthe ability to edit and assemble your songs using bars and beats. Otherfeatures include mple-accurate auto punch in/out and rehearsal modes, 460Location points with 8-character alphanumeric names, full control of Track Delay (up to 170 ms per track), Tape Offset between multiple recorders,SMPTE Offset and Generation, MIDI Tempo Maps and Clock Generation, andMIDI Machine Control.







DA 88

bulletThe standard digital multitrack for post production and winner of the coveted Emmy award for technical excellence.
bulletRecord time of roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes on a single tape.
bulletExpandable up to 128 Tracks/16 machines
bulletUser-definable track delay & crossfade Shuttle & Jog capability.
bulletAuto punch with rehearsal SMPTE, MIDI and Sony 9-Pin sync capability






bulletThe MMR-8 and MMP-16 dubbers just keep getting better and better!
bulletNow, the much anticipated addition of Fairlight playback is ready.
bulletSince the Fairlight system works with 24 tracks on a disk, v4.1 allows an MMR-8 and an MMP-16 to read from the same disk, so there is no need for extra drive duplication.






  SV 3700

 Front-panel shuttle wheel 0.5-15X speed range IR remote control 4 stage, 1-bit Delta-Sigma A-to-D converters 20-bit equivalent D-to-A converters. Program, absolute and time-remaining displays. Pushbutton selection of 44.1kHz/48kHz sampling rates via either analog or digital inputs. Balanced inputs and outputs via XLR connectors with choice of -10dBu or +4dBm output levels. Up to 400X fast forward/rewind and search speeds to provide high-speed access to any point on a 2-hour DAT tape within 27seconds. Single program and skip play feature is handy for post-production work. The SV-3700 automatically clocks to incoming frequencies of 32kHz,44.1kHz or 48kHz.