Eight channels of Apogee's exclusive true 24-bit A/D conversion with 114 dB dynamic range Apogee Soft Limit® on each channel helps you get more level on tape without overs Apogee UV22® Encoding on every channel translates the 24-bit signal to 20 or 16 bits without quality loss Advanced multi-mode 8-channel LED bar metering Built-in level calibration to within ±0.05 dB and 5-level digital oscillator Flexible over detection and tracking Headphone monitor for any channel pair Full Source/Destination monitoring DC Offset removal (switchable) for analog and digital sources Balanced or unbalanced inputs "Smart" sync capabilities: sync to word clock, video, crystal, or any digital input Standard XLR jacks for analog in and digital out RCA jacks for S/PDIF in and out Additional interfacing via up to four different digital I/O AMBus cards with format conversion and re-clocking Proprietary low jitter master clock Non-volatile storage of front panel settings








 A single UFC-24/8 will convert up to 24 channels at a time from any one to all of the following: PD, SDIF-2, ADAT, TDIF-1, AES. Multiple units may be linked to provide sample accurate transfer of audio greater than 24 channels. The input source format outputs to all other formats at the same time. MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors are provided for patch change control of Routing Presets and Input Format selection. In addition, all parameters of the UFC-24/8 may be stored as System Exclusive data to a MIDI storage device and later recalled. 1:1 track mapping as well as user selectable routing of input channels to output channels is provided by buttons on the front panel. Up to six user configurable "Routing Presets" allow channel routing maps to be recalled at any time. LEDs indicate status of source clock lock and channel assignments. 24 Channels of AES I/O








 The AardSync II is a complex digital audio device designed as a master sync for digital audio equipment. It synchronizes all the digital audio gear together, with one proprietary Low Jitter master clock. TJR units are custom modified with a selector switch for internal or external Video Sync and generate Sync at 50, 59.94 and 60 Hz .